Yes, they are always free.

Normal SMS charge depending on your operator.

Anyone who needs/donates blood for treatment purposes.
No, you just need to send SMS.
Type “Help” and SMS us.
No, you can use UPPERCASE, lowercase, or BOTH.
You’ll get a reply SMS that will tell you what you need to mention to get the service.
No, we don’t sell. We just connect blood searchers and donors.
No, we don’t guarantee blood.
Except blood request (keyword – NEED), it takes 1-3 minutes to process a request.
No, you can mention keywords randomly. Our system is smart enough to use them.
Can I call B4ALL mobile number?
What will happen if I don’t get a reply SMS from B4ALL? Please, be patient. Our system must send a reply SMS for each complete or incomplete request.
Just type “stop” and send us. You will not get any SMS from us.